Greater Goods Cafe Supports Austin Charities, Offers Coffee Education

Greater Goods Coffee East Austin

Greater Goods' east Austin location has ample parking and seating

A good cup of coffee and a quality conversation can do wonders. But Greater Goods coffee does even more. With a second coffee shop now in east Austin, Greater Goods serves "coffee with a splash of kindness"…literally.

Here's how you can make an impact for good by partnering with this local coffee purveyor. Every coffee bag sale supports one of four Austin charities, and the second location houses a public educational center accredited by the Specialty Coffee Association. Award-winning coffee that directly benefits the local community? I'll drink another cuppa that.

Start With a Great Cup at Greater Goods

Greater Goods Coffee Interior With Natural Lighting

A great cup starts here, with plenty of room to sit and enjoy the natural lighting

A visit to Greater Goods in East Austin offers an alluring start to the day. With natural light flooding the interior, it's bright without being harsh, much like the flavor of Good Vibes–one of Greater Goods' popular roasts.

I like my coffee black and appreciate a balanced flavor that doesn't require any sweeteners. Good Vibes is a full-bodied Brazilian coffee that doesn't disappoint. There are a variety of roasts to choose from. You really can't go wrong with any of them, due to the quality of the beans and roasting process.

Co-founders Khanh Trang and Trey Cobb began their careers outside of the coffee community. Luckily for us, Trang's interest in coffee piqued when she attended a public coffee expo, while her husband (Cobb) was traveling for work.

Coffee Education Programs in Austin, TX

Greater Goods serves up yummy lattes, as well as coffee education programs

Trang's interest in coffee became a full-time passion, as she sought how to make a "great cup." After apprenticing in Los Angeles, she came back to Austin to start a roasting facility with Cobb in Dripping Springs. Trang is certified by the Coffee Quality Institute as a licensed Q Grader, and uses her knowledge to carefully curate Greater Goods' coffees and teas.

The result: a roasting company focused on quality sourcing, and a staff that shares a passion for great coffee. Sarah Oermann, Greater Goods' education and event coordinator, is a licensed Q Grader, as well. While I usually drink plain coffee every day, the available house specialties have prompted me to order more coffee and tea lattes (current favorites: bourbon latte and turmeric chai latte).

Splash of Overflowing Kindness

Coffee Supports Austin Charities

A wide variety of roasts served up one way: with a splash of kindness

From roasting, to packaging, to selling, Greater Goods is intentional about its impact. The roasting process is more environmentally-friendly than the standard, while all of the packing materials are recycled.

Greater Goods partners with four local organizations: Austin Pets Alive!, Autism Society of Central Texas, Boys & Girls Club of the Austin Area, and Central Texas Food Bank. Each bag of coffee purchased supports one of these organizations in a specific way, so consumers can clearly understand the impact of their purchases.

Ranging from one day of support for the rehabilitation and education of a pet in need, to three meals provided to local families in need, the Austin community benefits from Greater Goods sales. Feeling a desire to be caffeinated and charitable? Look no further than this local coffee roaster.

Creating Community

Greater Goods Training Center in East Austin

The east Austin location of Greater Goods also serves as a training center

The first Greater Goods cafe opened in Bee Cave last year, and the newer flagship cafe just opened on the east side. Both locations focus on the consumer experience, and baristas are chosen and trained accordingly.

With modern interiors and sleek lines, the east Austin cafe is more than a coffee shop. Yes, the cafe's airy, bright interior with ample indoor seating is great for working, studying, or socializing. However, it also serves as a second roasting facility and training center.

Through the center, Greater Goods seeks to further support the coffee community through education and certification. Interested in learning more about coffee, or completing a Roasters or Barista Pathway? Greater Goods offers certified programs open to anyone interested. You can also keep up on Facebook, to see other events and educational programs.

Comfortable Coffee Shop Seating at Greater Goods

Cozy up with coffee and a good book at Greater Goods in east Austin

Whether you're in the mood for a great cup of coffee or tea, solo or with a group, Greater Goods in east Austin is a modern cafe offering all of that, plus a positive impact.

2501 E. 5th St. – Website


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